As women, we all want to show off our best features while hiding our “problem spots”- especially with your wedding dress stylechoice! On your wedding day, insecurity is the LAST emotion that you should be feeling. Thankfully, there are wedding dress styles to flatter every body type, so that feeling beautiful is the only thing on your mind once that dress is on.
For women with full hips, the best wedding dress style choice is an A-line silhouette, which conceals fuller hips. Women of this body type should avoid sheaths and overly full skirts.

For those who have a thick waistline, the best wedding dress style is an Empire silhouette, which hides your waist nicely. The Princess silhouette should be avoided, because it draws attention primarily to the waist.

For women who are very slender and are looking to add curves, the Ball Gown silhouette is a good wedding dress style to choose. Spaghetti straps, dropped waistlines, flared skirts, and low necklines are also very flattering on this body type.

For full-figured women, there are many choices for that perfect wedding dress style. Lean toward A-Line silhouettes, Basque waistlines, open necklines (like a V-neck), and lots of detailing near the neck. This will draw attention to the neckline. Full skirts are also flattering, and there are MANY beautiful dresses with long-sleeves if you’re interested in concealing your arms. Avoid spaghetti straps, poufy sleeves, and ruffles.

Woman with a pear-shaped figure should stick with a Ball Gown silhouette, which accentuates the waist and hides hips. Off the shoulder necklines are also a flattering wedding dress style, as is a detailed bodice and plain skirt. Try to steer clear of bows in the back of your dress! If the dress you love has an unsightly bow, talk to your seamstress, she can probably easily take it off!

For those with an hour-glass figure, a Sheath silhouette or Mermaid silhouette would be a good wedding dress style choice. These emphasize your curves. Portrait necklines and V necklines are also flattering. Stay away from high necklines!

For those petite women out there, Sheath silhouettes and Princess silhouettes are good wedding dress style choices. These both make you appear taller and add length. Empire waistlines, high necklines, and short sleeve dresses are also flattering. A Ball Gown silhouette may make you appear shorter – so stay away from this style!

For those of us with a small bust, a Jewel necklines or V-neckline would be a flattering choice. A Bateau neckline would also be a good wedding dress style choice – this will make your bust look slightly larger. One advantage to having a small bust – you can rock the strapless gown without fear of “falling out!” Try on a few of these and see what you like.

For larger busts, A-Line silhouettes and sweetheart necklines are good choices. Try to avoid Halter necklines or Empire gowns. If you have broad shoulders, the best wedding dress style choice is a strapless gown. Avoid off the shoulder necklines, which will make your shoulders, and ere go your breasts, appear larger.

Remember, these are just guidelines! Be sure to choose the wedding dress that YOU feel most beautiful in. And while shopping, take a few deep breaths and do not impulse buy – make sure you have tried on ALL of your options before making a decision. After all, this may be the most important outfit choice that you will ever make!