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Ring-ing in the Wedding

Ring-ing in the Wedding Okay boys- this is it! The two biggest contributions, tone-setters, lasting memories, possible mulligans for future mess-ups…that you can control with the whole getting married gig: The Ring and The Proposal. I cannot emphasize enough the idea that the amount of thought that you put into these is just as valuable (if not more) than the drain on the wallet. First things first- The Ring! Yes, of course we will get to the 4 C’s, Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity, but first let’s get you into your future finance’s head for a minute. It is...

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Bride Definition

Webster’s Dictionary: a woman just married or about to be married. Indiana Bride Magazine: a beautiful, smiling, center of attention being surrounded by beaming loved one’s before, during, or after sharing a magical...

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