The countdown is on and your wedding is within reach.  Just like anyone else you are hoping to look your best on your big day!  We are going to try to break down all of the best Bridal Beauty advice and tips into one easy cliff note “study guide” for you big day. Our series will cover: Bridal BeautySkin Care, Foundation, Eyes, Lips, Hair, Supplements and yup even the dreaded Wrinkles. We will make it easy, affordable, and doable and always give you additional bridal beauty resources along the way.

As we have also said any good Bridal Beauty application starts with good skincare and so does our series.


The most important part of your Bridal Beauty look will have to deal with skin care. Along with your daily facial cleanse, tone, and moisturizing, it is very beneficial to exfoliate once a week.  Exfoliating helps regenerate healthy cells and scrub off dull and dead skin.  One very beneficial way to exfoliate is with a “dry brush” this helps with scrubbing dead skin cells, reducing cellulite, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping body rid itself of toxins by opening pores. Don’t have the extra cash for new products?  Try adding a tablespoon of sugar and/or baking soda into your daily cleanser as these are natural exfoliates.


Moisturizing in layers will help rejuvenate skin making it look youthful. Once you have your daily lotion on try applying a heavy cream over it, making your body glow.  This can also be done with facial moisturizer.  Once you have applied your daily moisturizer to your face try applying facial oil for the second layer.  This may intimidate ladies with oily and acne prone skin but keep in mind these are “facial” oils and are light weight and do not clog pores.  Another option for your bridal beauty double moisturizer is to apply a moisturizer before makeup application and use a light weight moisturizer after makeup application by lightly patting over make up to create a “dewy” look. For oily prone skin it is also helpful to have rice paper to blot your face and absorb oil throughout the day.

Now that we have the basics a few addition Bridal Beauty helpful hints:

  • Storing under eye cream in the fridge can help shrink blood vessels helping shrink under eye puffiness and bags.
  • To help aid your youthful looks ALWAYS apply sunscreen. Don’t forget a light coat, safe for eyes, on those sensitive eyelids. Sun damage is the main reason for droopy eyelids, wearing sunglasses daily can also benefit by blocking UV rays.
  • Also, if you regularly go for facials or just to prepare for the big day please keep in mind that you should not have a facial within the week of your wedding. Facials bring out impurities in your pores and skin causing some breakouts.
  • Healthy Skin is not just about what you put ON it- but what you put IN it! A healthy diet is the best way to start and if you need a bridal beauty boost for radiant skin and longer thicker hair and nails try the It Works Hair Skin Nails supplement!

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