Bride-Taylor Koedyker

Groom-Patrick Koedyker


Ceremony location:  St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Reception location: Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion

Honeymoon location: Gatlinburg, TN


Wedding date: November 10, 2012


When did you first meet: September 10, 2011

Where did you first meet: Verizon Music Center, at the Blink 182 concert, by complete accident.

When did you know you were going to marry him: Ha-ha…definitely when I took him home to meet my parents. He survived! And of course my family loved him.

How did he propose: He set it up with my previous manager where I had to go into a meeting at work, so I was in my pajamas, looked like a hot freaking mess and they had their iPads out which really confused me. They started talking about the finger scanners and Cristina said “Hey Taylor, come out here I want to show you something” and he was walking out in his “Dress Blues” and proposed right then. I was seriously so surprised.

Favorite thing to do together: Watch Notre Dame games every Saturday and of course the Chicago Bears. And spending time with our pups, Pixie and Paislee. Oh! And watching Duck Dynasty every Wednesday


Wedding colors: Charcoal grey and black with purple accents. Light purple for the girls (their flowers) and mine were dark purple.

Number of guests: 170ish

Number in wedding party: 12, but that doesn’t include the ushers, or flower girl, or the ring bearers. So total 17.

Wedding Style: Traditional

Beauty style: Traditional

Dress style: Traditional/Timeless. I didn’t want to necessarily buy a “trendy” dress because I wanted my kids to look at my dress and say they loved it rather than saying it was ugly. It had a lot of detail on it.

Most unique wedding personalization: Honestly, he’s Italian and Catholic. So I wanted to do my best to incorporate his family traditions into it. That’s why I chose to get married in the Catholic church and we ate at Bucca di Beppo for our rehearsal. We also specifically chose our wedding day because it was exactly one year and 2 months from the day we met AND it was the day of the Marine Corps birthday!

Something you did very different: I wore Converse All-Stars. Ha-ha.

Something you did very traditional: We didn’t see each other before the wedding. So the last time we saw each other was at the rehearsal dinner, and we didn’t talk either so…that kind of put me on edge a little.

Something you would do all over again: The reception was awesome. So definitely that!

Something you would never do again: Ehh…probably be a control freak. Ha-ha I wasn’t a Bridezilla or anything but I just wanted everything to run smoothly and I was always stressed out. I can’t imagine how I would have been if I didn’t have a great Wedding planner!

Most memorable wedding moment: Definitely when my Dad handed me off to Pat. I was bawling (good tears!) I’ll never forget my Dad’s smile and Pat’s face. And I looked up at Monsignor and he was just smiling and I said “I’m okay I promise I’m just ready to be married”. As I walked down the aisle one of our ushers, Clint, told me to put on my game face. So much for being serious though…Ha-ha.

Best wedding decision: Absolutely everything!

Best wedding overall advice: NEVER let anyone pressure you into anything you don’t want. It’s YOUR day. And never forget what the day is all about.



Ceremony- SS. Peter and Paul

Reception- Ritz Charles

Dress- David’s Bridal

Shoes- converse.com

Accessories- I wore my Grandma’s earrings

Hair- My Best Friend’s Hair- Danielle Teschendorf

Make-up- Images by Mary A. Frambes

Tuxedos- Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations- zazzle.com

Flowers- Lovina Reeves

Cake- Classic Cakes

Entertainment- Grapevine DJs

Transportation- Carey Limo


Wedding Photographer– DeFabis Photography

3901 Kessler Boulevard North Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46228

(317) 291-8111


Wedding Planner: Accolade of London: Michele Rogers and Brittany Cravens

5241 McHenry Lane

Indianapolis, IN 46228

(317) 253-6199


Many Thanks to our Bride of the Month, Taylor! Happily Ever After to you and Patrick!

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