Bride-  Tracy Osborne

Groom- Jessie Osborne


Ceremony location: Hawaii

Reception location:  Winchester Place, Greenwood


Wedding date- February 8,2013

Reception date- May 11, 2013


When did you first meet:  We have been together two and half years and I am still excited to leave work and get home to him. I don’t feel as good without him.

Where did you first meet:  We met at a bar and grill while each of us was having dinner with a friend. I noticed him when I walked in but of course didn’t introduce myself. Every time I glanced his direction he seemed to be looking at me smiling. Finally we started to talk to each other and soon forgot about our friends. We found out that both of had no desire to go anywhere that night so thanks to pushy friends who won’t take no for an answer we met each other. There hasn’t been a day or night since the night we met that we haven’t talked to each other. Every morning and every evening from that day forward, Jess told me good morning and good night.

When did you know you were going to marry him: We started to see each other more and more often. We were both going through some stressful times and we were each other’s support and happiness where the negative didn’t matter when we were together. He has been my best friend and although I didn’t want to have a serious relationship, it happened. Now I can’t imagine my life without him.

How did he propose:  Jess proposed to me early last Summer. I knew it was coming when he asked me what kind of ring I liked. Haha!



Wedding colors:  We went with red for obvious reasons and it’s my favorite color.

Wedding Style: Hawaiian

Dress style:  I had two dresses, one more fitting for Hawaii and the formal one I wore in the pictures and at the reception.

Most unique wedding personalization:  Our wedding had Hawaiian touches to it, which is very fitting with our personalities. We love the outdoors and were excited to be able to make some unique decisions regarding our ceremony. We had a Hawaiian minister and integrated Hawaiian wedding customs which were beautiful,

Something you did very different:  We planned to get married in May at Winchester Place. However, we decided we wanted to do something special between the two of us (private I suppose) so we went to Hawaii and got married and then still had our reception as planned back in Indiana.

Something you did very traditional:  Jess is in the army so he wore his uniform for the reception.

Something you would do all over again:  I wouldn’t change a thing about the way we did things!

Most memorable wedding moment:  It was so special to be just the two of us on that beach getting married. The most memorable part of our wedding was saying those vows on that beach and by the time that kiss came along it seemed we forgot we had a small audience. Rather obvious on our wedding video.:)

Best wedding decision:  We still wanted to celebrate with family and friends so we had a reception with photos on our original May 11th date at Winchester Place.

Best wedding overall advice:  I was initially very stressed about getting everything to come together so only having to worry about the reception was easy when we went with open house style, pulled pork barbecue and chicken served buffet style, recorded music, etc. We still had all of the formal touches but a very relaxed atmosphere. It was perfect for us.



Reception- Winchester Place

Dress- The Bridal Superstore

Hair- Crystal from Eyemax

Make-up- Crystal from Eyemax

Flowers- McNamara Florist

Cake-   Indy cakes

Catering- Archers Meat and Catering

Photographer- Donna Rice Photography

Donna Rice Photography

300 North Madison Ave.

Greenwood, IN 46142



Many Thanks to our Bride of the Month, Tracy! Happily Ever After to you and Jessie!

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