Article submitted by Joe DeFabis, DeFabis Photography

In my experience as a professional wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to work with many a wedding planner in Indianapolis.  Some good, some bad so I wanted to offer some advice to brides who are considering hiring a wedding planner in Indianapolis.  A wedding is one of the most awaited event in every woman’s life. It is a once in a lifetime affair that needs a lot of planning. As much as possible, the bride’s only ultimate role on her wedding day is to be the Queen. She needs to be served well, spoiled a little and most importantly, she needs to be stress free. To achieve that, one needs a professional wedding planner in Indianapolis, or any respective area, who would really know what to do on the big day.

If you are a bride based in Indianapolis, and you are considering a Wedding Planner in Indianapolis, then this article is right for you.

When hiring a wedding planner in Indianapolis, you would need to consider these basic points that will surely help you have the best wedding:

1.Budget – You have to know the range of the rates of the wedding planner. Is the rate within your pocket’s reach? Is it going to be worth it? Money is a very important thing when planning your dream wedding because your budget will basically be the basis of everything.

2.Services – Does the wedding planner offer services such as church design, bridal car rental, venue preparation, venue design, food catering? You need to choose a wedding planner who can give you the most services within your budget and at the same time, can deliver the services in time and with quality.

3.Location – Your schedule could be busy when planning a wedding. So if you want to personally see your wedding planner every now and then, you are going to need someone who is close to your home and or office location. Being able to be hands on in planning is better and decreases your chances of worrying of wedding glitches.  So if you live in Indianapolis, you should select a wedding planner in Indianapolis.  If you live in Elkhart, you should choose your planner there.

After considering those points, you are going to have to choose whom your Indianapolis wedding planner should be. A professional who is already experienced with these things or a friend who knows so much about you but does not have enough resources?

•A professional wedding planner can be a person or a company in itself. They can have branches for their different services such as the florals, food, church, reception venue, and etcetera.

•Whereas a friend, although he or she may not be experienced with planning, he or she could be helpful when you need to decide on the details of your wedding. A friend can pick on your brain and can more or less know what you want already. Plus, you get a FRIENDLY DISCOUNT. On the other hand, a friend can also get you in trouble in terms of resources compared to a professional planner, who is experienced.

Here are some of the best choices for a wedding planner in Indianapolis:

1. Accolade of London – A woman owned wedding planner in Indianapolis, this wedding planner in Indianapolis takes pride in their attentiveness to detail, assistance-ready team, and budget friendly rates. They offer several packages that suit your needs. They can also assist with your invitations, floral, design, decors and linens. Visit this wedding planner at or call 317-253-6199.

2. Fashions and Custom Creations – Not only a wedding planner in Indianapolis, but also an excellent choice for wedding gown alterations.  You can visit them at or call them at 317-862-6931.

3. Kim King Smith Events – An award winning wedding planner in Indianapolis. It is also voted as Best Indianapolis Wedding Planner for 2008, 2009 and 2010. Their theme is usually sophisticated and elegant. So if you are that type of couple, hire this wedding planner in Indianapolis by visiting them at

4. Circle City Planners – Is a wedding planner in Indianapolis with a florist ready at your service. The team is made up of Tonya, Darcie, Tiffany, Randi, Joely and Chanel. They are 6 excellent planners. You can visit them at

Good Luck in your search for a wedding planner in Indianapolis and I welcome any calls, 317-291-8111, for assistance in choosing any of your wedding professionals.