Fall in love with the yellows, reds, oranges, and browns colored leaves dancing with the crisp fall air. Nature and beauty everywhere you spin, no matter what season, Destination Brown County will create the perfect wedding day for you in Brown County. Have you thought about how your wedding day is going to go? Or should I ask, have you ever stopped thinking about how your wedding day was going to go:). Maybe there are relatives in town that need to be entertained while you are pampering yourself on the day of the wedding.  Whether you are planning itineraries for you and yours for the wedding day, wedding shower, bachelor or bachelorette parties or a quaint Honeymoon retreat- Destination Brown County can help.Destination Brown County is ready to plan a weekend you’ll never forget! Custom itineraries are the hottest thing since eyelash extensions. Hiring Destination Brown County gives you the opportunity to have them plan anything from your weekend away before the wedding R&R to the day of the wedding down to the most intimate of details. Destination Brown County opened in December 2013 and had their very first Bridal show only months later! This bridal show was immersive and unique in that Brides had the ability to actually visit FIVE wedding venues, and chat with 30+ vendors in a casual and informative atmosphere.   Destination Brown County is always keeping up with the latest happening around town and uncovering “hidden gems” for unforgettable experiences.   Destination Brown County P.O. Box 1612 Nashville, IN 47448

Contact Vicki or Jennifer at 1-812-250-4896 for a personal tour and don’t miss their next Bridal show coming up March 8, 2015. Experience Destination Brown County yourself today!