Submitted by: FCCI Alteration Specialist-Marie Frey

A Dream wedding gown needs to have a Dream Fit on you! Wedding gown alterations specialist, Marie Frey, from FCCI Weddings, has provided some great tips on wedding gown alterations for Indiana Bride Magazine readers:

* FIRST- make sure you have selected the right gown for you.  You may find a gown that is priced right and you buy it based upon price and not based upon “this is the one dress for you”! All the wedding gown alterations in the world will not change that.

* BRING your shoes and slippers/flip flops if you are changing for the reception, to your wedding gown alterations appointments. Don’t forget undergarments, bras and slip also. Bra Cups can be purchased at your alteration location.

* TIMING – We specialize in wedding gown alterations so basic alterations usually take two weeks. More extensive alterations and beadwork may take 3-4 weeks. The timeframe for this may be much longer at other locations. The earlier you book your appointment for any alterations the better.

* SLIPS – Not all dresses require a slip.  Many gowns have several layers of tulle to bring out the bottom of the dress.  Extra tulle can be added by the Alteration Specialist to give you the fuller look. Your wedding gown alterations specialist can help recommend which is right for your wedding dress.

* BUST AREA – 80% of gowns need to be taken in this area or Bra cups added to flatter the bride. Sometimes 2 sets of bra cups can be added to the gown to fill out this area.

* BUSTLES – There are several types of bustles available.  The French bustle which is an under bustle and secured with ribbons.  The Hem bustle looks like a one hem length. The Over bustle is pulled up over the fabric and attached by a button and loop.  Ask how your gown will be bustled and if training is provided to your Mother or MOH. Your wedding gown alterations specialist can help with this also, and a practice run is a must!

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