Emily Saviano & Robert Campbell

Wedding date is 9/19/15.


I am originally from Chicago and Robert is originally from Royal Center, Indiana. We met about 9 years ago in Monticello, Indiana when I would come down from Chicago to my parents lake house on Lake Shafer. As Robert likes to describe it, it was love at first sight! But we remained friends over the years as I would come down from Chicago. When I happen to move to Indianapolis a few years ago, we reconnected and fell in love!


Robert proposed on my parent’s boat the morning of my Birthday June 15, 2014 which also happen to be Father’s Day. I thought we were taking a beautiful morning cruise just the two of us before family festivities began that day, but he had other plans! He stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and put on our song which is Kenny Chesney’s “You Had me From Hello” and grabbed my hand to stand me up. He then said some amazing things and got down on one knee! I was SO shocked and could not believe what was happening! I of course said YES! The plans didn’t stop there. When we pulled back into the bay and rounded the corner both of our families and my best friend were all on the dock and let a bunch of balloons go and blew off fireworks! All of it was such a wonderful surprise and he planned every second of it perfectly! Down to the ring which he had custom made!