Autumn weddings and the Fall wedding trends that they bring with them are very pleasant as the leaves on the trees begin to change colors, the air is slightly cooler, and food is a lot more “natural gourmet” due to harvesting. Outdoor weddings are still so in the picture more since the weather is a little more manageable without the end of summer heat. The color schemes in Fall wedding trends are usually darker shades like maroon, gold, dark purples. This year they are pairing those purples, greens and grays with metallic gold and silver pops of everything OR going to complete opposite extreme with blush, champagne, or ivory mixed with black for a more dramatic statement.

As with every year and with every season, there are always more new ideas being introduced for brides to be to incorporate in their weddings. Fall wedding trends for 2013 season will have you going back in time a little when it comes to style. It may have you thinking of something your mom or grandma would have worn or incorporated on her big day. But needless to say the ideas are amazing, very unique and my personal favorite-a little whimsical.



Fall wedding trends for invitations are simple elegant calligraphy notes with more elaborate, fun ”packages” and seasonal embellishments. Think the same for your table settings and guest cards, mix the elaborate guest seating or menu next to a simple crystal dish of berries, nuts or acorns.



Fall wedding trends for Wedding gowns and accessories this season are heading in the direction of having a LOT of beading. With inspiration from the book and recently recreated movie The Great Gatsby, designers are trying to implement gowns with the glam style that this movie/book portrayed. Cap sleeves and low open swoop backs are being incorporated in the mix as well. So much more elegance is being brought into these gowns as well with still keeping Kate Middleton’s dress in mind. Long lace sleeves with embroidery, as well as gorgeous necklines that complement the bride’s silhouette along with the Fall wedding trends.



Floral embellishments on gowns are in full swing as well. Fall wedding trends have flowers being placed in multiple areas of the gown from the shoulder, waist, and along the skirt. Lots of bling is still by popular demand in style. Bling embellishments are being accessorized along the waistline to complement her figure and bring the simplicity of the dress together into something more extraordinary. The bling and floral don’t stop with the dress with Fall wedding trends, but continue right with the accessories. This is where the whimsical touches are really playing off the Great Gatsby glam!


Blush gowns are also working their way in as well this coming season for the bride that is looking for something a little more than just white. Though a traditional white gown is what almost all brides wear, for the bride that wants to stand out a little more, a blush colored gown will still bring great appeal to the eye. Whether you like a little color in your dress, a dramatic back, some gorgeous beading, or a look from the roaring twenties, there is something for everyone to take in to consideration.

If you are looking for a fabulous wedding planner to help you make the Fall wedding trends magic happen- give Gloria at Events By Design or Michele at Accolade of London a call today and let them sprinkle a little fairy dust on your day!