You’ve now looked at your past and present financial self in your financial marriage advice process.  Now it’s time to set your future financial goals with your partner.  What are your goals in life?  Financial planning spokesman Denny Smith gives the best marriage advice when he frequently says, “Having money isn’t everything.  It’s just that having some money makes some things easier.”  Since most life goals require some financial commitment to achieve, you begin with that in mind.  Are you looking to start your own business or invest in one? How soon do you want to buy a home and how long before you’ve saved enough for a down payment? Do you ultimately want to become a one-income household?  Do you want to travel the world before or during retirement? Do you want to buy a farm and raise horses? Stephen Covey’s famous “begin with the end in mind” is applicable because you have to know where you’re going to know where to take the first step. WOW- I know, again it seems like a lot- but you and your partner are getting married for the whole life journey!

Finally, it is a good idea to think about your financial expectations of your partner.  Will your partner be expected to earn more money than you?  Who will be responsible for paying the bills and managing financial assets?  These are just a couple financial marriage advice suggestions of the many important areas to cover with your partner when setting expectations that will help you both in your financial decision-making for years to come.  You’re off to a great start by getting a grasp on your financial personality.  Following these steps will help you be ready to discuss your own financial habits, let your partner know what is important to you and help you remain rational rather than emotional during these tough discussions.  Try to keep this marriage advice in mind with any serious life discussion with your partner. Next month we will talk about starting those difficult finance discussions with your spouse. It really isn’t as hard as you think and being proactive will prevent so many arguments down the road!

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