In January, not just Brides for their Bridal Workout, but everyone sets fitness goals for the New Year that includes exercising more. Its Feb. 6th– how are we all doing?  Brides have Bridal Workoutfitness goals that last from engagement date to altar date. My fitness dilemma is that if it isn’t an outdoor activity- I am usually too bored to continue. Enter Indy Pole Fitness into the fitness equation and we are talking about some great Bridal Workout alternatives to the old fashioned ones that are incredible for our physical and emotional well-being and FUN enough for staying power. Indy Pole Fitness model of “All Work. All Play” really proves true. I had no idea that shaking it, burning it and wrapping it could also have so many Bridal Workout fitness health benefits.

Bridal Workout Shake It

Don’t think you could ever get those hips moving that fast- think again. Belly Dancing

or officially “Raks Sharki” is actually based on movements that come naturally to the female form.

Bridal Workout Belly Dancing Health Fitness Benefits:

Improved posture and muscle tone

Weight loss (burns 270-360 calories per hour)

Stress Reduction

Bragging rights to your friends “Cuz ya can”

Bridal Workout Burn It

Yogi, Bikram Choudhury- founder and known as Bikram’s Yogo with 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a HOT room (105 degrees). This one is not for the fain of heart- really. Pregnant or Bride’s with heart conditions should avoid the extremes of this heated work-out.

Bridal Workout Hot Yoga Health Fitness Benefits:

Improved flexibility

Weight loss (burns 630 calories per hour)

Stress Reduction

Detoxification and immune system improvement

Bridal Workout Wrap It

Pole Dancing is really a combination of art and gymnastics and of course… a pole. Pole dancing is one of the best core physical strength improvers and makes a great future surprise performance opportunity for you Groom!

Bridal Workout Pole Dancing Health Fitness Benefits:

Improved firmness and muscle tone

Weight loss (burns 250-350 calories per hour)

Improved core physical strength

Bragging rights to your friends “Cuz ya did”


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Indy Pole Fitness says routines are made to be broken. “Ordinary is not their thing”. Brides check Indy Pole Fitness out today and shake it, burn it or wrap it tomorrow to get your “Extraordinary” Bridal Workout Bod altar ready!