By Kelly Quarels

Want to get some serious groom involvement going in the wedding planning particulars and quit looking at his dull uninterested head nod and the occasional grunt of approval.  Let’s face it ladies, picking out centerpieces, flower arrangements and color combinations are generally not highlights in his life. Rather than being repulsed by this lack of groom involvement, use this to your advantage. Now, you may want this to be your day with everything down to his tux tediously chosen by you, but don’t forget that this wedding is about partnership. Meaning both you and he should have a hand in planning this awesome celebration of vows. Here are some useful ways to get that groom of yours more involved in the wedding planning.

Food can be the answer to at least half of men’s problems- remember that for the future also! Have you ever heard the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Get your groom involvement going by getting him excited about the meals that you will have at your reception and the rehearsal dinners. Taste foods together, kill two birds with one stone by decide on which venue offers the best food at the best price with the best look and if you even want the venue to cater your reception. Wine tasting and choosing which alcoholic beverages that will be available at your reception goes right a long with food tasting. Enjoy yourselves, but not too much you still have business to take care of.

Lemon with raspberry filling, red velvet with butter cream icing or how about banana walnut flavored? There is nothing better than the cake tasting part for some serious groom involvement happening. Bring your partner in crime, because the delightful sweets will be massacred. Cake tasting is a great way to not only practice feeding each other a piece of cake for the reception, but a great way to compromise and create the special treat of the night.

Other than food, there is fun. Leave the honeymoon to the groom. Allow him to pick out a place of paradise where you two can just enjoy each other. Then if you can handle it, let him run with it. Let him get the budget, location, details and book it! Even better, let him surprise you and make it extra exciting!

Who knows after having all that groom involvement fun he might accompany you in picking out the color of the wallpaper of your new place- well maybe not wallpaper but the next evening out. The goal is for you both take pride in your celebration and make not only the wedding, but also the teamwork within the planning unforgettable. Getting his groom involvement going early in the wedding planning only set it up for keeping him involved in planning your future together.