Thank you for considering Jameson Camp as your wedding venue. Please come and discover the advantages in booking our venue for your special day. We can provide you with a gorgeous dining hall in a beautiful wooded setting that is convenient to the airport and city. Our friendly staff and flexible approach will ensure you have a pleasant, stress-free event. Our rates are extremely competitive at $2,400, and you have the additional satisfaction of knowing that when you book your wedding with us, you are helping to support our mission to serve Indiana children. We call it offering a great place with a great cause. Here are some more details on ways we stand out from other vendors:

  1. We allow outside catering! Under the “Facilities” tab, you will see the link, “Suggested Caterers”, and that’s all that list is…just suggestions. We pride ourselves on allowing you, as our guest, to choose any caterer of your choice for your event. If the caterer of your choice isn’t on that list, that’s absolutely fine. You are in charge of your wedding…from decor to caterer, yourchoice is what matters most.
  2. We provide the initial setup at no additional cost! Whether your wedding party is as small as 40 people or as large as 160 people, we will provide and setup the tables and chairs to your liking. All we need is your setup instructions and we’ll gladly take care of the rest.
  3. Your guests can stay overnight in one of our 7 cabins! Again, due to our low costs, your guests will spend less money on lodging than staying at a hotel and have the convenience of being able to stay the night right here on our beautiful grounds. We have 7 very comfortable and modern cabins to offer. Each of our cabins sleep 24 people, has up to date bathrooms and central heating and cooling. You could also rent the entire camp for $3,750.
  4. Our A/V equip is available at very low costs and our WIFI is FREE! The Jameson Center does come equipped with a sound system, so we have the equipment to make sure your after party stays lively. The Jameson Center also has a large projector screen and projector available for your use.
  5. We allow alcohol on our grounds under specific conditions. There is a $500 deposit that is 100% refundable pending no damages to our buildings or grounds.
  6. Our full, commercial kitchen is included in the cost! Your caterer can do everything in our kitchen. We have it all, from conventional ovens, warmer drawers, walk in cooler, to grill tops.

Our off season for weddings is May-August. During this time, the entire retreat center is unavailable for rentals due to our summer camp. We can only book a year out in advance. For more questions or to setup Monday-Friday, between 9 a.m.-4 p.m., please contact Vanessa Fry at

Jameson Center | $2,400 wedding or reception | $3,750 entire camp

The Jameson Center seats 180 with tables and chairs.
Pricing Includes Jameson staff providing initial setup
Commercial kitchen
Alcohol allowed
Outside catering allowed
A/V equipment available (additional price)


Jameson Camp

2001 Bridgeport Rd

2001 Bridgeport Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46231