What Every Bride Should Do Before Meeting with a Wedding Vendor

Whether you are leisurely looking or ready to book, doing your homework in advance may get you an A+ out of your Wedding Vendors!

Logistics: check hours, directions, and if appointment scheduling in advance is necessary with all your Wedding Vendors.

Legitimize: make sure your Wedding Vendors are “real” businesses.  Taxpayer ID numbers and meeting at their business establishment  (not just Starbuck’s) are good vetting points.

Reputation: Referrals ROCK and make you feel ahead of the game.  Also feel free to check out the Better Business Bureau (insert link) status with your Wedding Vendors.

Time Management: check out the Wedding Vendor’s website in advance, in addition to other websites to get an idea of look, feel, ideas and budget before the initial meeting.

Dollars and SENSE: get an itemized cost list and actually review it.  Have questions ready in advance regarding discount options, deposits, payment forms accepted, and out-clauses.

The Art of Negotiation: this really is not as much of an Art form as one would think, and in our current economic situation more normal than you realize.  Don’t be the hard-nosed couple in the car commercial practicing outside the hardware store but Do ask.  Off-season (December- March). Off-days (Friday or Sunday), Immediate Booking (Deposit there and then), or Payment Upfront discounts from one or more Wedding Vendors may all add up for you!