One Spirit Wedding is the leading Indianapolis Wedding Officiants. We are unique Officiants and have been si

Your wedding is your special day to be remembered. As licensed Indiana Wedding Officiants, Rev. Dr. Mike & Rev. Kathy work hard to make your wedding ceremony memorable.nce 2001.

Your Best Choice For an Indiana Wedding Officiant

  • Custom wedding ceremonies or the unique Ceremony of the Roses©
  • Weddings on any time of day, any day of the year
  • In backyards, churches, parks, historical sites, theaters, hotels, wherever you go
  • Premarital counseling not required

Many couples choose the unique Ceremony of the Roses,© a spiritual wedding ceremony which allows you to marry each other. However, you may have your own vows, special readings or songs, a Unity candle, a Sand ceremony, or a Handfasting. You may want a completely different ceremony, with no roses or a Celtic ceremony.


One Spirit Wedding

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