Personality Plus! If you look at all the bridal styletrends over the past few years -sky is the limit. Personalizing, Individualizing and Way out there are all good-while Classic Traditional bridal style is as chic and elegant as ever.

If you already have a personal bridal style and want to integrate it in-DO!!!!! That is sure fire way for you to feel comfortable.   If on the other had you want to be daringly different because it is your wedding day, then forge speed ahead- just bring your BFF/MOH in for a few checks and balances on bridal style along the way.

Bridal Style IN items: Shoes are HOT and metallics are the new neutrals. Jewelry is BIG and BOLD. Flowers on anything are IN.

Brides and Modern Brides magazines have had some of the best descriptive names when they have highlighted a bridal style or trend type, so that might be a great start at picking your own look. Some are self-explanatory, some not so much but I have tried to highlight them all, and chime in a bit, for you. If it sounds perfect then use it to describe the particular bridal style that you want to the clerks/vendors and see what happens- hopefully MAGIC:)


 Blush Tones – Pinks are always beautiful on skin and the Blush pink has been hot from everything to lip gloss to red carpet dresses. It is also a “big girl” way to integrate that little girl pink love. The pictures are breathtaking with the gowns- but if tradition white or ivory is in your dreams then even integrating in with flowers, jewelry or shoes adds a nice soft contrast.

 Boho Princess– Bohemian meets Fluff. Natural hues with pops of “ump” mixing with the under-stated.

 Center Stage– BLING and red carpet elegance. Lots of big silver jewelry and accessories with BIG dress embellishments.

 Cupid’s Closet– Cutesy pink and red hearts EVERYWHERE!

 Extreme Princess– Sounds a little Bridezillaish- but look is actually HOT, sophisticated and stylish with a little (well maybe more than a little) flare for the dramatic.

 Fine Lines– Extremely stream- LINED.

 Flirty– Cute and SHORT- check with church requirements if getting married in one just in case.

 Flowers- So HOT right now and so feminine.   Everything from subtle to Flower power take-over options.

 Froufrou– Now that I know how to spell it- the actual look was not as “froufrou” as you think. Just lots of flowers, ruffles, feathers with blues and silvers for highlights.

 Garden Glory– BIRDS, flowers, sunhats and picnics in the olden days.

 Glam Prix– Danica Patrick’s look for her wedding.   Nothing “racy” about it.

 Glitter Girl– Sparkling crystals, hot shoes, and clunky necklaces and hair jewelry.

 Gold Rush– Gold everywhere, but more Bohemian -Grecian chic than Hollywood glam.

 Grecian Glam– Now this is definitely Bohemian- Grecian chic with dark blue accents and lots of gold “Serpant”-ine.

  High Drama– Interesting because dress way understated for name- but brought in some blush toned key accent pieces to give it a kick.

 Impressionism– Romantic, flowery, metallic, subtle color adds- could definitely see the future Princess Kate in this look.

 Lighten Up– Light, floating, simple classic from dress to accessories

 Luxe Ladies- Jackie  “O”- white silver shimmer-enough said.

 Mad Men– Girl Friday ready to marry James Bond look.

 Mega Ruffles– Mega EVERYTHING- from ruffles to high hats to bangles the size of your waist.

 Mega Skirts– This Mega look really just sticks with the skirts and lets the details hide under.

 1930’s– Hello Great! Old Hollwood at it’s most chic and sexy.

 Organic Style– Pretty Plane Jane with a gorgeous calla lily bouquet for the key accent.

 Racer Looks– Not just for backs. Slim-lined chi c accessories with pops of mixed metallics.

 Go Wild– The animals have it. Showing some SKIN- alligator, snake or lizard!

 Royal Court– Pomp and Circumstance meets Modern Bride with Matronly accents.

 Roman Revival– Leaves, organic flowers, bangle bracelets and sleek flowing gowns.

 Sheer– No see-through. Sort of lightweight, fancy, comfy pajama look.

 Shimmer– Matte and shine contrast in an interesting combination.

 Sparkle– “Bead” me aboard Scottie. Beaded gowns, jewels and purses.

 Star Quality– Silky off one shoulders with embellished hairpieces vs. veils on the other side.

 Star Stunning– We have moved up the 1940’s now and went crazy with multi-color accents from metallics to blues to pinks all at once.

 Strike it Rich– LAVISH and EXPENSIVE with embellish, embellish, embellish mentality.

 Trend Tiers– LAYER it on girlfriend from dress tiers to earrings drops to bouquet wraps.