Ring-ing in the Wedding

Okay boys- this is it! The two biggest contributions, tone-setters, lasting memories, possible mulligans for future mess-ups…that you can control with the whole getting married gig: The Ring and The Proposal. I cannot emphasize enough the idea that the amount of thought that you put into these is just as valuable (if not more) than the drain on the wallet.

First things first- The Ring!

Yes, of course we will get to the 4 C’s, Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity, but first let’s get you into your future finance’s head for a minute. It is a long-time process for her, she has probably been thinking about it for years, and will be future daily sweet memory of your love and devotion.

The Brides Companion by Susannah Marriott tells us the whole wedding ring concept goes way back to 860 B.C. when Pope Nicolas decreed that all proposals of marriage be sealed with the giving of a gold ring since the metal was so precious it would deter ” unscrupulous” suitors. It also tells us that the diamond, “the king of jewels” has had very interesting international significance and meaning in history.  Diamonds throughout are thought to have aphrodisiac properties and attract power, charm and beauty to the wearer. Culturally, wearing a diamond can be thought of as everything from a boost to the reproductive system to a protection from evil. In Italy they said a diamond was forged from flames of love; In Indian it concentrated the sun’s energy and boosted sexual performance; and In Greek- “adamao” means I conquer – since the immense hardness and strength makes it a worthy love match opponent.

Right now though you are making your own history, how do you want your book to read? There are all kind of formula’s for how much you should spend on a diamond based on salary per month…don’t get hung up on that. Your future bride to be should love her ring and it probably will push you out of your comfort zone price wise- just don’t let it push you over the cliff.

You need three key bits of information before buying a diamond: Consumer info, financial info, and personal info.

Consumer Info:

1) Authenticity: The jeweler needs to be able to verify the diamond’s characteristics with a certificate from a gem lab (like Gemological Institute of America).

2) Know the 4 C’s: Cut= stone’s brilliance, Carat= size, Color= level of stone’s color impurities, Clarity= number of inner flaws.

3) Know the 4 girl sparkling “oh ah’s”: Brilliance= dazzling white light reflection, Luster= amount and quality of light reflection, Dispersion= rainbow of colors seen, Scintillation= sparkle with movement.

Financial Info:

1) Check out the “Spread”: While it takes a lot of factors to define it (depth, angle, thickness)- bottom line is this is how big it “Looks” vs. actual “Carat” size.

2) “What if” Policy: Make sure if your Bride- to -Be hates it or has a problem there is a no mess- no fuss exchange policy.

3) Diamonds are a girls’ Best Friend: They are also expensive. Get them appraised and insured!

Personal Info:

1) Too many choices: It ain’t just that 860 BC gold band anymore guys! They have all different colors of diamonds now- NOT due to Color flaws- but on purpose- pink, brown, yellow and even blue. They have organic natural cuts, multiple metal options and way unique setting options.

2) What does SHE want: If you don’t have any idea on this- do not try to surprise her with a guess. If you want the surprise, at least get a feel for shape, metal, personality or enlist the help of the best friend whom probably has it committed to memory.

3) To Inscribe or not to Inscribe: Inscriptions add a really personal touch and should reflect your relationship if you choose to do one. Classic romantic of course never fails, but don’t hesitate to add a touch of you. My husband had a running standard joke that every woman “wanted him bad” so I inscribed ” I want you bad” in his ring and had him read it to everyone after we exchanged vows and it he loved it. Ring on!