Bridal shows may rock- but for the most benefit you need to know how to Rock the Bridal Show. One place, one location but hundreds of ideas, colors, styles, and Wedding Vendors- a virtual Bride’s dream! Bridal Shows for those Brides that know exactly what they want are a piece of cake (all pun intended)J. But for those who do not have a clue, they may just seem plum overwhelming. Both groups need to determine the purpose of the visit, check out the bridal shows in town, make a list and prepare. If you are really overwhelmed- bring your posy- Bridesmaids, Mom’s, Mom-in-Laws and if you are lucky your Groom! By being ready you can both conquer AND have fun!



Knowing the purpose helps women navigate the complex aisles and displays with ease. A bride ready to place orders with photographers, caterers, florists and designers has a list of vendors to interview at the bridal show. She has already determined what she wants so all she needs is to find suppliers. A person searching for ideas determines a comfortable starting place like colors, wedding dress or wedding planner. If you don’t know- just gather the information and throw it on the floor with some popcorn and music with your Groom later!



Before deciding to attend any bridal show in the area, enthusiastic participants can checkout the vendors attending in advance. For the ones that you are most interested in, spend a little computer time on their websites. Quality companies advertise their wares with easy-to-navigate, attractive web pages and brides-to-be learn what they like and want.



Make a list and check out the important things first. If a Bride wants to buy a wedding gown, that should be the first item on the list. A list divided into categories of must-do, may-do and will-do-if-there-is-time lets busy people maximize the event. After the bride completes the most important items, she can thoroughly enjoy all of the luxurious glamour and wild, off-the-wall ideas offered by various trades. She accomplishes her goals and now enjoys this treasured day in her life!



Four simple tips and tricks to make the Bridal Show easy:

1) Although plastic bags will be provided, bringing a divided, heavy-duty carryall. This lets pamphlets, flyers and information be processed on the spot.

2) Separate information between the “I-am-interested side” and “if-all-else-fails sides” makes reviewing this data easy.

3) Using preprinted labels to stick on information forms and free drawing cards saves time as these preprinted labels include the bride’s name, e-mail address, address, telephone number and wedding date. IF YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE DO THIS!!!!!

4) If the purpose is to hire professionals right there at the Bridal Show, shoppers need to bring cash, checks and credit cards.

Having fun while getting it all done at your next bridal show is easy with these suggestions. By knowing the reason she is going, researching the bridal show in advance and making a must-do list, our Brides can maximize their valuable time.


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