Peonies have been the most requested flower by brides the last two years running and are hot again for Spring Wedding Flowers! Sooooo romantic, full, lush, and soft- what Bride wouldn’t love them in their Spring wedding flowers repertoire.

You Indiana Brides may or may not know though, that while the Peony is the traditional flower symbol for China- it is our own Hoosier State Flower! With their full, round, lush bloom Peonies are flowers of honor and riches.  The incorporation into the wedding celebration is said to bring good fortune and be an omen of a happy and prosperous marriage.

The Great thing about Peonies is they fit right in with the hot Spring wedding flowers trend of the vintage English Garden that is prevalent this season.  The fresh picked estate garden feel with swooping accent garland is in, while the contrasting tall centerpieces and tiny matching bud vases are out. Call it “weedy” if you will, but the finished look is opulent, inviting, lush and romantic!

The only downside to the Peonies Please request is that Peonies only bloom two months out of the year. Luckily when you are working with a professional experienced florist they can not only help you get ideas on the latest in Spring wedding flowers- but also help with some awesome seasonal, more readily available substitutions. After Belle Fleur does their magic, you don’t even really notice that more readily available garden rose giving you that same look and feel on those other 10 months of the year!

Belle Fleur Wedding Flowers is a fantastic choice for your Wedding flowers and all up on the trends in Spring wedding flowers this year. The Serene Highness Bouquet pictured above is a blushing display for sweetness that will make any Bride smile. Gorgeous pink peonies show off their amazing texture accented with white stephanotis blooms and tied together with a brown (or any color of your choice) shiny taffeta ribbon to create a wedding bridal bouquet that you will never forget!


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Want to try something different for those garden roses incorporation- how about adding in some leather ones. That’s right LEATHER! The Leather Designer can actually work with your florist to incorporate some leather roses into your flowers as accents, or as a cool texture note for those boys’ boutonnières.

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Regardless of what type of Spring Wedding Flowers you incorporate for your special day, remember to take time and Smell the Roses along your wedding planning way!