By: Lauren Hughes

Summer wedding trends are blossoming up more and more this year as many Brides try to keep their weddings in the “good” weather season. Every summer wedding has its own personality and is unique in its own way. Traditional weddings that are elegant and simple are very nice and appealing, but what about the Bride that wants to stand out more and have pink, bright orange, and aqua blue in her summer wedding? This year’s summer wedding trends have gone a little bit all over the place. A touch of traditional, but incorporating a little modern twist also. Some of these trends will have you in awe, and then there may be some that will make you go “hmm”.


Flower bouquets are an essential in a summer wedding for the Bride and her bridesmaids to have in hand when walking down the aisle. An assortment of beautiful roses, lilies, or whatever the choice may be make a beautiful accessory. A different alternative that the modern Bride might enjoy is having a blinged-out bouquet. These summer wedding bouquets are made out of either some type of jewels or brooches. Brooch bouquets are the favorite in this new trend and customizing them to the Brides desire makes it even more unique. Making the bouquet a little more personal for the Bride, adding family jewelry helps create a dramatic touch.



The summer wedding vintage style long sleeved Bridal gowns are now slowly taking over the strapless gown market. Brides now want to imitate the elegant look that Kate Middleton wore in her “almost” summer wedding, with the long lace sleeves to bring back that classic look from the 1940s.

Who doesn’t love a pop of color?  Bold colors are very popular now in décor for summer wedding trends this season. Lots of bright oranges, pinks, and teal are amongst the summer wedding favorites. These colors are being displayed in tablecloth sets, flowers, and other décor. An interesting new trend with color this summer is with bridesmaids dresses. The option to have multiple shades or multiple color dresses is evolving slowly for the bridal party. This isn’t for everyone, but is a unique feature for a summer wedding.


Wedding invitations are the first thing that your wedding guests see when it comes to your big day, so you want to make a statement for yourself. A lot of people are now trying to be more eco-friendly and printing invitation cards that are better for the environment. Going green is very important to some people, but you’d be surprised that you can get the same quality work with eco-friendly paper.


There are so many other summer wedding options to explore that are trending this summer just to name a few. With these we named for you hopefully helps give you a general idea of what to possibly consider when planning out your summer wedding. There are plenty more options, so don’t just stop here! Explore what appeals to you whether it’s color, food, or themes. Creating a modern but unique wedding for your summer wedding should be one that will be leave an impression long after the days of summer are gone!

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