Too Busy for a Wedding Planning

Most working Brides at some point, or at every minute, wish that they could take a leave of absence from their jobs and do their wedding planning full-time.  Unfortunately- they don’t get paid for it! Bridechilla Solution: Use your time and posy well and actually ENJOY your wedding planning!!!!

A recent time spent in wedding planning article from states that 90% of Brides-To-Be do wedding planning at work. The information was based on a study that from that listed an average of 10 hours per week dedicated to wedding planning, with 30% of this being from work. It varied whether bosses and co-workers were supportive on this concept, but overall appeared to lean towards cutting the Bride-to-Be a little slack in the name of LOVE with employers betting on the statistic that after getting married women are more serious about their careers. Those days of the MRS. Degrees and immediate honeymoon bundles of joy are not the norm anymore.

Making use of your time at work makes sense if you follow so basic rules:

1) Do your wedding research or appointments during breaks or lunch time

2) Use your personal -mail account and cell phone numbers-not your work’s

3) Don’t disrupt co-workers with incessant wedding chatter on the phone if you are in the open cubicle environment

4) Don’t assume everyone is into the wedding mania- may sure you at least occasionally talk to your co-workers about something ELSE and listen to what they have going on also. They will be much more sincerely interested in your wedding process!

Making use of anytime is imperative:

1) Organize, organize, organize

2) Delegate, delegate, delegate

3) Defer, Defer, Defer


Using your time well is a challenge as we all already feel like we don’t have enough of it before you even added that ten plus hours of wedding planning into your day.  That is 520 hours if your planning process takes a year.  Luckily we are in the day and age that you do not have to drive all over creation to get an initial feel for a vendor or a purchase.  Use your friends, recent married couples, local wedding blogs, chosen vendors, on-line wedding sites, e-bay, and resources like THIS MAGAZINE for networking and time saving to allow a little time for chilling and enjoying the process. Check out our vendor page for easy referral access. (need to link to vendor page)

Use the THIRTY-MINUTE RULE. When you do need to drive somewhere, make a list of anything else on the same side of town and don’t drive more than 30 minutes unless you can get at least a “twofer” out of it, Even if it is swinging by the jewelers for a ring cleaning, running through the bank or other non-related wedding errand. Otherwise try to schedule at a time when you can combine tasks.


Here is where it is okay to USE people- in a good way of course.  There are a million people that want to help make your wedding day perfect- some paid and some not! Use the paid vendors for 3 referrals to other vendors that they suggest and keep this process going with all of them.

Use your freebie posse (moms, mom-in-laws, MOH’s, wedding party, Aunt Freda and don’t forget about the GROOM), and divide up their strengths and interests and ask them to help research a specific area. It will be fun and not too overwhelming, and everyone wants to be involved somehow!  Spread the love for the researching by website, phone and in person per need an area of expertise/interest and have them bring you back their favorite three ideas on everything for your final selection.


You don’t have to do all of any of the wedding planning yourself, if you don’t want to- or don’t have the time!  Wedding planners are in, whether you use them for everything or a piece of the planning process and there is nothing wrong with deferring the time consuming aspects of the wedding planning to the experts. You still get to make all the key decisions, but eliminate lots of the headaches.

According to the Association of Bridal Consultants the National Average for a wedding planner is $3,262.  This will vary by region and use of services (day of vs. full-service). It might not seem to fit in the budget initially, but I suppose that one must weight out how to fit the extra hours into your day otherwise, how Zilla vs. Chilla you will be with your loved ones without one, and also what additional cost- savings that the wedding planner will bring to the table for your overall wedding planning budget.