Wow how can anyone really pick the top 5 Bridal Dilemmas? When you are planning a wedding it seems like instead of the Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas, there are more like 500 top Bridal dilemmas happening ALL at the same time EVERYDAY. Okay step back a second each time one of these Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas start to simmer and just like that perfect dress try Indiana Bride Magazine’s Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas aversion techniques on for size! Since Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas seems like such a Big D…eal we decide to come up with a few Big D’s of our own to keep our cool and get back into enjoying the wedding planning process:

DATE: Okay you have the PERFECT wedding venue like The Mansion at Oak Hill or Creative Arts and Event Center for your absolute top of your list for your wedding reception, but you want to get married on Saturday June 7th, 2014 because you have always wanted to be a June Bride and this is right around the time that you two met to boot AND your perfect venue is not available for your perfect day. Don’t go in dilemma mode and waste time fretting! A great venue site will have a coordinator that you are working with that has worked through almost any of those Top 5 Bridal dilemmas that you have about 5000 times. They may have more that one area to host more that one function on the same day, or they may have an even better price deal option if you could wiggle 24 hours either way by looking at a Friday or Sunday wedding! Remember there may be a few other key players that have to be available on the day also- like your Church that you attended since a child. Make sure to coordinate your handful of MUST HAVE wedding vendors along with that MUST HAVE date first thing in the planning process and be open to a LITTLE wiggle.

Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas- #2

DOLLARS: Okay- I have to admit no matter what I say here to help; someone, somewhere, sometime in your wedding planning process is going to have a Top 5 Bridal dilemmas- DOLLAR STYLE. Weddings and Budgets seem like two polar opposites sometimes when you are knee deep in the wedding cake- BUT we can at least help make them little Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas with big Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas solutions. Sticking to a Budget does not mean that you can’t rearrange it or add a little creative to the glue. So you feel like it would be rude to not give out a wedding favor to your guests but everything you look at, that doesn’t look super duper cheap, is a million dollars and your groom is adamant that you guys HAVE to have a Photo Booth because it was so much fun at his recent brothers wedding. Well stick to me like glue on this one guys, get the Photo Booth and have it be your party favor- professional real-live Photo Booths like DeFabis Photography Photo Booths can customize your strips with your wedding details or sentiment and give your guests a fun memento to take home that they will actually not toss in the trash.

Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas- #3

DELATION: We all want our family and friends to be AT the wedding, but I strongly advise you that there will be more that just a Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas issue before, during or after the wedding when a well intentioned amateur relation offers to do some key aspect of the wedding for a discount price or as a gift that an experienced wedding professional should be handling. This could turn into all Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas for you if you have more than one family of friend offering services. Jeesh I know this is a touchy issue, but I also know that I don’t have a wedding video of my wedding because my brother-in–law wanted to take care of that for me and then dropped the video camera at the wedding and busted it and my memories. I wish that I would have saw that one coming ahead of time vs. after when I was crying because NO wedding video- wow that “you get what you paid for thing” is so true. I should have hired a professional videographer like Cherished Video Memories who wouldn’t have dropped the camera to begin with, but even if they did would have a had me covered with a back up plan and I would be looking at a priceless captured video of our wedding! And remember this goes for all aspects of the wedding! Pictures and food are KEY elements so stick with the professionals like Kirsten Wray Photography and Your Gourmet Girlfriends. Can’t handle dishing Uncle Eddie or Aunt Freda yourself- get someone else to say NO before now you not only have Top 5 Bridal dilemmas but “relations” ill feelings as well.

Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas- #4

DIY’s: I think when we relate these to a wedding they should almost be DIN’s for Do It Not’s! Not only Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas, but One of the biggest dilemmas Bride’s these days are dealing with is trying to plan a wedding while still working full time, possibly moving, trying to attempt to enjoy the engagement and spend time with her finance…while of course finding a MILLION cool ideas on Pinterest. Awesome except for the time for the DIY’s. The biggest Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas from these comes from the over DIY list- where they just don’t get done and now you have 150 purple bud vases in your small apartment as permanent decoration or you blow through the DIY and you hate what is sitting on your tables at the reception. If you really want to DIY (and enjoy it)- pick one project at a time and enlist help for the mass production. Don’t wait to start any DIY project the week of the wedding or have your BFF in the wings ready to swoop. Better yet if you just have to make the Pinterest come to life work with your Wedding Professional for a piece of the action, like working with Events By Design for phenomenal wedding bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. You can enjoy a quick search for the prefect brooches- but let them do what they do best with flowers.  Better yet, stop pulling your hair out and take your Pinterest Board to Indiana Wedding Decorators and let them create the magic for you! Most wedding vendors are more than willing to work with you to add your personal touch but keep on their done on time experienced product schedule. Now that is a win-win for you and a no-no to any Top 5 Bridal dilemmas.

Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas- #5

DANCE: It’s really not all just about the whole you have two left feet or are uncomfortable dancing with everyone watching even though your new spouse is all about doing one of the latest crazes in wedding first dances and busting out of the traditional sway for something CRAZY and a whole guest entertainment special. It is even more than one of the Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas. It is a Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas tree waiting to blossom- following the new trends and/or the old traditions. This one really is not a Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas guys, it’s a no-brainer- DO what YOU want! Mix and match em for the prefect fit. Do bust out the best new first dance song that will be the next to go viral on Youtube if your want! Work with a hip DJ with lots of experience and great musical selection like MGS DJ’s to put it all together. But DON’T throw the bouquet or do the garter toss if you don’t want too. The nice things about trends, new and old, on a wedding day is that it is the perfect time to start some of your own!

Use these tips to avoid the Top 5 Bridal Dilemmas, and if you want to avoid any wedding dilemmas hire an awesome wedding planner like Accolade of London or FCCI Weddings today and have them get back way more than you pay them for through discounts with great professional wedding vendors and priceless peace of mind! Keep checking out Indiana Bride Magazine to avoid all Top 5 Bridal dilemmas and make your wedding planning a piece of cake!