That is right Tuxedos Aren’t Just for Penquins- the Grooms these days have it going with more options than ever to avoid the traditional waddling Penquin Suit! There is even a branch out in colors- Brown is the new Black in tuxedos. Some old accessories like cummerbunds and traditional tux shoes are out- while old-fashioned suspenders are now “retro” and cufflinks and colorful pocket squares continue to add flair. Everyone has a deal or special, with standards being free groom’s tuxedos and often also Father-of-the-bride and some additional percentage off for larger wedding parties. Traditional tuxedo prices are fairly standard across the board but upgrades here like anywhere else cost money. The latest with some of the Tuxedo company draw is FREE invitations.

If you don’t have a specific theme or style in mind for your tuxedos- Bridal shows are a great place to shop multiple places for deals and comparison one-stop shopping. One thing to keep in mind is where your groomsmen are located. If they are all over the country a national chain may make more sense- although all tuxedo places are used to having to measure appropriately.

Tuxedos come in all shapes and sizes, so big and tall or short and fat no worries. What is a worry is getting the boys in to actually get their measurements and tuxes ordered and this will need a huge push from you. Trust me it is worth it to pony up for a few beers and make a guys night out to “get-er” done.

Most boys aren’t in to fashion as much as girls (I know, NOT always the case)- but will tell you, Mr. Groom. what I would tell any Bride. It is your big day- you want to look GOOD! You aren’t dressing up to go to work or dressing down to go play hoops- you are dressing as a groom for the “hopefully” the only time of your life- be open minded to trying something different in tuxedos and spend a little time on nailing a look that you feel comfortable and look great.

It is supposed to be a fun process, so get the measurement on those tuxedos done, make your Bride happy and start posing in the mirror for those awesome tuxedo photo’s. Get both your Tuxedos and Groom on and take an active part in that wedding planning process – your Bride will LOVE you for it!