By: Erin Bradburn, Professional Bridal Consultant– Oak Hill Mansion

The age old question amongst a million other things my Brides think about is…”Do I choose to have a wedding buffet or plate dinner at my wedding?” The decision can be daunting for some, but no worries my friends I am here to guide you in the right direction! There are benefits to the wedding buffet and to the plate dinner. It really comes down what type of Bride you are, and what type of meal you want your guests to experience.

The Weddinng Buffet is great because it gives your guests multiple options. It also takes the stress off of you because with a wedding buffet, you don’t have to worry if Aunt Sally at table #3 is a vegetarian because she will have multiple  options to choose from on the wedding buffet. With a wedding buffet, your guests are able to move around and socialize with one another during the process. One thing that we do here at The Mansion with a wedding buffet is to  serve the salads and wedding cake to the tables so that your guests are not carrying three different plates trying to get through your wedding buffet food line. We will also dismiss your guests by their tables to go through the wedding buffet removing the dreaded “long line” that you stood in for thirty minutes at your friends wedding and just hated. You may choose to do assigned seating or simply reserve a few tables close to the Head Table for family if choosing this option.

The Plate dinner on the other hand will require assigned tables/seating. The positive to  this type of  meal is that your guests can stay seated throughout the entire dinner serve. You will need to notify your event planner and our staff of how many of each meal is to go to which table. It will also help if you can distinguish on your guests placecard which meal they have selected (sometimes people forget which option they have chosen when they had to RSVP two months prior to your wedding…oops!).

If you are still on the fence between a wedding buffet  and a plate dinner,  talk to your Event Planner and they will be able to help you make the right decision for your wedding reception! Whether wedding buffet or plate dinner- Oak Hill Mansion says Bon Appetit!