Limit Yourself to 3 Stores when Wedding Dress Shopping

Make sure you do research on the boutiques around town before even venturing out for that wedding dress shopping. It’s becoming more common that bridal shops are putting a limit on high prices! Some are now offering designer gowns below $1,500! By sticking to a few stores you won’t get too overwhelmed with trying on so many gowns.

Organize your Favorites before Wedding Dress Shopping

When you begin searching for a dress, print out your favorite gowns from the web! If you found them in magazines cut and paste! By keeping your favorites styles organized, this will help you explain your ideal gown to the bridal specialist while sticking to your budget.

Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette

Avoid Going Bare: No Panties, No Service

Even if you’re planning on going commando on your big day, always wear a pair of panties when shopping for a gown! Many stylists will turn you away if you are bare underneath. It is ideal that you choose a nude or light toned undergarment when trying on a white wedding gown. It may be hard to envision a flawless bride with neon pink hearts showing through her dress! You should also bring a couple of different bra types, and at least one strapless, to keep your top half covered! This will give you a better idea of how you will actually look on your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Shopping Drama to Bring On!

It’s your time to shine! If that calls for being a drama queen, so be it! Wedding dress shopping can be a ruthless task, but don’t let the onlookers get you down. Try on as many gowns as you want, and then try them on all over again if need be! Even though you may have brought your entire entourage for support when choosing the right gown, don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself! If you must, raise your voice to let your opinions be heard! Your opinion matters most and even thought you want the support don’t let your guests bring your dream down. With that said, we recommend only bringing two of your closest gals with you that know your taste and how to read your “I’m not sure” vs. “This is the one” face expression.

Wedding Dress Shopping Drama to Avoid

Wedding Gowns Tend to Run Small: You will probably need a gown that is a size or two larger than you are accustomed to buying. Do not panic! No one sees the size of your gown anyway!

Stick to a Budget before, during and after Wedding Dress Shopping

Before you head to a bridal store, discuss with your parents, groom or self if out of your own pocket book what a reasonable price range for your dress! It’s inevitable that when trying on a wedding dress far outside your limits, you are bound to fall in love with something you cannot afford and just set you up for the “If only I would have got that one…”

Final Wedding Dress Shopping Tip

Once you’ve found “The One,” stick to it & don’t keep shopping! Love it, look at it all the time, try it on as much as you want (when your groom isn’t there), dream of it at night but know that it is “The One” and stop Wedding Dress Shopping and get busy looking for the perfect accessories to go with that gorgeous dress!