Kirsten Wray Photography says Fashion isn’t just for the dress Bride’s -it is in every photo-op that goes with it! Kirsten Wray Photography is one of Indiana Bride Magazine’s most fashionable “picks for pics” these days! She graduated from Ball State with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and found her passion in photography. Each picture truly is a work of fine art, but her goal also is to “make every photo shoot fun for you and everyone around you”. Her endless energy and eye for just the right shot is amazing. Let’s see some of what’s in fashion in wedding photography these days with some of Kirsten’s picture capturing moments along the way.

Wedding photography Black and Whites in remote locations ARE IN! The more rustic the better and the larger scale backdrops with the Bride and Groom less focal in size contrast add to the illusion.

Wedding photography still shots that speak for them selves are a classic as always, but seem to be making even more of an impact with the dresses, shoes, and wedding attire when delicately sprinkled in with all the other magic of a wedding day.

Wedding photography vibrant color skies off a big city street SCREAM romance and step up the posed everyday old wedding photographers seated versions- creating a life of their own.

Wedding photography Big ass wide lens shots of the whole wedding party jumping, cutting it up or in really off beat settings are making those Bridal party photo pages full of memories that stick.

Wedding photography FUN is a big IN! Incorporating the wedding party or guests in the distance with close up playful smooches makes you wish you attended that wedding.

Kirsten Wray Photography


If this looks like what you have been dreaming about for your wedding photography-then check out Kirsten’s website for more information and awesome photographs. The Kirsten Wray Photography motto: “Your day, your experience, your memories”!