Registering for Wedding Registries

Okay guys if you can’t find great items out there to register for these days you really are the couple that has everything. Wedding registries are rocking and anything goes!  Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, JCPenny, and Target may still be the old stand bys- but don’t think that they have not dialed it up a notch on what they offer, let alone all the millions of unique twists to fit and personalize your needs.

JCPenny has a whole  “Down to Earth” eco-friendly “Simply Green” line for entertaining environmentally friendly with style.  All are encouraging branching out with registry style flare (animal and leather) to high-tech electronics to places outside the home (outdoor patio and camping items). What is more, with buying on-line at almost everyone’s fingertips, there are so many other fun places to go to for wedding registries. Health conscious couples can have weights, health food stores, and gym memberships; culinary experts can have gourmet baskets, cooking classes and create your on cookbooks; wine lovers have wine tastings, wine cellars building, or wine- of- the month club. Book and music lovers have similar options.

There are some pros and cons regarding what type of wedding registry personality you want to assume.  The organized one takes a lot more time upfront and loses a lot of the spontaneity but gets you a matching 8 place settings, hand and big fluffy bath towels and only enough cool electronic gadgets that you have room for and know what to do with so that you will actually use them. The disorganized one saves time and lets you drink mimosas while going scanner wild but leaves a strong possibility than you will end up with 3 blenders, a rainbow assortment of kitchen gadgets and have you eating off paper plates for year one.

For those of you who don’t want gifts, don’t worry, charitable choice options are in abundance.  People will want to get you SOMETHING though, so just make sure you list of your invite where to send the charitable contribution in lieu of gifts or you will still be getting a dozen crystal candlesticks. connects guests to retailers that donate a percentage of registry gifts purchased to charities and lets your guest pick from more than a million charities to donate to in your name.

Future grooms, don’t forget to be in charge of the wedding scanner while your bride is desperately planning the fine china for your wedding registries- it makes for some fun items when opening those gifts the on the wedding day!