Want to write the perfect love letter but don’t know how to even begin to put all those love notes running around in your head on paper. We stumbled across a super easy step-by-step guide that is from the heart and lets anyone be a Romeo in no time.

The love letter is one of the oldest romantic expressions of feeling in the world. The electronic age has put a modern twist on the hand written letter- but don’t let it stop you from pulling out some great stationary and writing it the old fashioned way. Add a squirt of your favorite personalized perfume and leave it in an unexpected location and you are sure to get a “AWW” out of your lover and a treasured memory that is read more than once.


Dear Lover,

If this is as far as you get with your love letter, our Blissology expert shares some tips:

“I recommend writing your love letter by hand.  The hand written love letter better allows the heart to easily flow down the arm through the pen to the page.  However, that being said, it’s always better to write the letter in any form than not at all!”

“If you are like me, then you have all kinds of thoughts that roll around in your head any day of the week about the one’s you love.  But sit down to write it down and you can’t remember a thing!!  Remember, this letter will help inspire you to express the truth of your heart to your loved one.   Take time to choose which lines fit most right now for what you want to say.”

She goes on to give you three easy steps and a great “feel” in the blank outline that will really come from your heart but make it easy for the words to flow. Her Step-By-Step Guide to Writing the Perfect Love Letter is on her website.  Use this step-by-step guide and then you can see for yourself why they call her Ms. Bliss after you have delivered your perfect love letter!