Remember girls “You wear a designer Wedding Dress, the dress doesn’t wear you”! I was fortunate enough to attend one of the Wedding University’s programs and listen to Sandy, from a Step Above Bridal do a presentation on choosing a designer wedding dress. She had some great tips from years of experience and a personalized approach to each bride that had every Bride shaking their heads “I Do”!

I must say after hearing her talk about the Step Above Bridal shop approach and experience, I wanted to get married all over again (same guy of course honeyJ) just to have the personalized boutique wedding dress shopping experience. Especially after hearing that is was an affordable one! Each designer wedding dress is made to order by the owner, Antonio, an absolutely fabulous Italian fashion designer. You really are “The Bride”, not “A Bride” to them and they our proud to create true perfection because they say “their name walks with you down the aisle”!

Here are some great tips from A Step Above Bridal to help you choose a designer wedding dress:

1)    Know your Venue, Church and Time of Day for the Ceremony before you choose a wedding dress. All of these make a difference in choosing the appropriate designer wedding dress.

2)    Know your budget and stick to it! If you don’t have a budget to work, sky is the limit, and you may fall in love with a dress that isn’t an option. On the flip side, once you provide a budget, the Bridal Shop should be able to show you multiple designer wedding dress options that are both in budget and perfect for you.

3)    Have an open mind when you walk into the Bridal Shop. So often the “perfect” dress that the Bride walks out with is nothing like the designer wedding dress magazine clipping she walked in with.

4)    You should have a wonderful experience with your designer wedding dress selection experience. The first thing a Step Above Bridal does is sit down and chat awhile about you! Remember it is all about you right now; let them treat you like a Queen!