Of course everyone at your wedding reception will know that He said, “Will you” and She said “Yes”! What about everything that lead up to that moment? What about when the rehearsal dinner or wedding day itself is the first time that the Bride or Groom is actually meeting so many of the friends and family of their brand new spouse. I say do the “He said, She said” again in a personalized video Love Story and break the ice while warming your guests’ hearts!


Cherished Video Memories does a unique one-of-a-kind video Love Story production. None of this putting up a few pictures from when you were young on a screen guys, this video Love Story is the real deal. The setting for your video Love Story is cool and one that you pick, like having a picnic, going on a hike or whatever resonates with something the two of you would do together. Karen at Cherished Video Memories then asks each of you the same questions, though you don’t hear each other’s answers. Questions about how you met, your first kiss, how did he propose and how did you respond, what keeps you laughing together- you get the picture. With video technology, artful splicing and little bit of what appears like “love magic” when you see the finished product your video Love Story seems like a seamless work of art and is an awesome introduction of each other to your new families.

Creativity abounds and Karen shares one of her favorite video Love Story settings with Indiana Bride Magazine:

“One time the groom pretended like he was going to go fishing (we were at Cataract Falls), I incorporated that into his catch of the day – HER. I had him cast his line out a couple of times and then he is reeling her in and hamming it up (gesturing he caught a keeper) when of course you don’t see what he is reeling in until she comes into view.”


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